Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than 6persons play?

We are sorry to say that this is not possible. The game is planned and tested for a maximum of 6 persons per team. Only in this way can we guarantee that the game is played out correctly.

Can only 2 persons play?

Of course. In fact, it is a fabulous activity for couples to enjoy. The final sensation if you manage to escape takes your breath away and brings people closer.
However, you will have to work to the maximum as, evidently, 2 persons will have more difficulties than a more numerous group.

Is there an age limit for playing?

In principle, no. In order to play, it is not necessary to use physical force or agility, but it is necessary to stand and sometimes bend down. The most important factors are the capacity for observation and ingenuity, so any person with the normal intellectual conditions can play.

From what age is it possible to play The X-Door Bilbao?

The X-Door Bilbao is a GAME FOR ADULTS but if you want to bring along your younger children, even those who are 8, 9, 10 years old, you can do so and they will have a wonderful time at some points in the game. However, bear in mind that the difficulty of the game was designed for those who are 16 years old and over. And there will be parts of the game which younger children will not be able to do as these require a more adult person. If you have any doubts regarding the advisability or not of bringing your children, you can contact us at

IMPORTANT: in order to enter to play, there must be at least 1 adult over 18 years old in the team. We reserve the right to see the ID cards in order to verify the ages of the players in order to confirm that at least one of them is of legal age.

Is it a game for very intelligent people?

No, not at all. It is a game for observant, decisive ingenious people and especially for groups of people who know how to work as a team. Frequently, the most unexpected people are those who solve many of the situations which arise.

Once I have played, can I repeat the experience?

When you have played one of our games, if you want to come back, you will have to reserve a different game (we will gradually bring out new games). The game you played is the same and you will know it.

How much does it cost to play?

The price of the game is €50 (VAT included) per team, regardless of the number of persons which comprise it (between 2 and 6 persons).

Can I give The X-Door experience as a gift?

Enter here and request a gift voucher to give as a gift to anyone you wish. It is a sure success 🙂

I suffer from claustrophobia. Can I play?

We have never had any problems of this kind. In fact, people with claustrophobia have come to play and in 5 minutes they were so immersed in the game that they had forgotten all about claustrophobia. In any case, the playing space is quite extensive and well lit, and the room has an emergency button to open the door.

I am an expectant mother, can play?

First of all, congratulations!!!! 🙂
Lots of expectant mothers have come to play and in order to play, it is not necessary to use physical force or agility nor are there any frightening factors.
However, it is a very addictive game which generates a burst of adrenaline and some nervousness on seeing the countdown speed up. If you believe that this might generate anxiety or a problem, playing is your responsibility.
In any case the room has an emergency button for opening the door.

Is it necessary to use physical strength?

NO, not at all. It is only necessary to use ingenuity, observation and work as a team.

Are there terrifying or frightening aspects?

NO. There are no terrifying or frightening aspects other than a low sound or low lighting at some time.

Can persons in wheelchairs play?

Please, contact us at in order to talk about the possibilities and limitations to playing.

What is the most appropriate way to dress?

It is not necessary to crawl, get dirty or run, etc. You can dress as you would in order to go to the cinema.

I neither speak nor understand Spanish. Can I play?

OF COURSE, in order to play, it is not necessary to understand or speak Spanish. However, before going into the room, we will have to give you some brief instructions and the rules of the game, which we can do in English or Spanish, but if you do not understand either of these languages, we will give you written instructions in French, Italian, Russian or German.

Which methods of payment are admitted?

The game is paid in cash on the day you come to play or by a previous bank transfer to the account number you will be emailed when you make a reservation.

It is not possible to pay with credit card

Can I cancel my reservation?

Please, if you wish to cancel your reservation, notify us s soon as possible at in order to free up your day/time to play, stating your name and surnames and the day and time of your reservation.

If you have already paid for the game, you must know that on the day of the game, cancellations and reimbursements are not admitted.

If you wish to cancel ½ days in advance of the date of your reservation, we cannot return the money but you can change the day and time of your reservation.

If you wish to cancel 3 or more days in advance of the date of commencement of the game, we will return the money.

At what time do I have to arrive at the premises of the game?

Ideally you should arrive just at the time of your reservation or only 5 minutes before. Above all, do not arrive late, the X-Door is a live escape game and after each team, a new team enters the same room, so. If you are not punctual, probably you will not be able to play and you will lose your reservation, we canot delay the following groups.

Each tie a team finishes, the game director requires a few minutes to prepare the game again. So, if you arrive too soon, almost surely we will not be able to attend to you and ypu will have to wait outside until the time of your reservation.

Any other doubt?

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