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Team Building Bilbao

Do you want to surprise your employees or work colleagues with a Team Building special activity?. With The X-Door you will test your ingenuity, organizational activity, communication and team work.

We will open a door and you will be enclosed in a strange room full of enigmas and mysterious objects, and from this time, you will have to work together in order to ascertain how to open the door and escape from the room before the 60 minute deadline is reached. The pressure of the countdown and the sensation of being “shut in” ensure that the team will give its best and work together.

In the X-Door there are no terror factors, nor is it necessary to use physical force. You will only have to resolve the enigmas presented to you, using your capacity of observation and your intuition, maintaining your concentration and your minds alert.

It is an activity for discovering the roles generated in work groups, of course it strengthens links and brings companions closer, however it can be used competitively so that different groups play one after another to see which team manages to escape in the shortest period of time.

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